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Tallassee, AL – Tallassee Police tasered a handcuffed Black man standing next to a patrol vehicle, igniting outrage at a family party and in the community.

Video of Sunday’s police encounter is spreading across the internet after Perry Jackson is seen handcuffed with his hands behind his back surrounded by two White police officers, and then tased while talking to the officers.

According to the Alabama Political Reporter, Jackson was present at a family party when a gunshot was fired in the air, resulting in the police being called.

When police arrived, Jackson was present in the midst of a crowd of people. Video does not show initial contact, but according to Tallassee Police Chief N.T. Buce, “officers had previous knowledge that Jackson had a current outstanding warrant.”

Chief Buce claims that “Jackson attempted to flee from officers but after a brief foot pursuit, acquiesced and was taken into custody.”

That is when video begins from a bystander recording the incident.

Video shows Tallassee Police taser handcuffed Black man

Jackson is seen in handcuffs with his hands behind his back being escorted to a patrol vehicle. Once he is at the vehicle door the officers stop him and pat him down.

Jackson can be heard telling the officer “I ain’t got nothin’ on me.”

Jackson then tells the bystander recording the video to take his phone from him.

The audio between Jackson and the officers is hard to distinguish at this point but an officer, identified as Cpl. David Justin Salum by Tallassee Mayor John Hammock, can be seen reaching to his partner’s waistband to grab a taser. Salum then points the taser at Jackson’s torso while the two seemingly exchange calm words. 

After a few seconds and with no apparent change in the threat level, Salum fires the taser at Jackson’s torso causing him to drop to the ground.

Police Chief Buce claims that during the exchange at the vehicle “Jackson threw his cell phone, striking the officer in the face.”

The Black Wall Street Times reviewed the video a dozen times and did not see any evidence supporting this claim. 

Mayor Hammock was “concerned” by the use of force and asked the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to help with an investigation making sure “things are investigated thoroughly and in a timely manner.”

Hammock cited his resignation from his position at the end of June and wanted to ensure the incident was handled before he left office.

Jackson was arrested and charged with Failure to Appear and Harassment, and is considering filing a lawsuit against the officer.

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