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A white woman who called 911 and falsely accused a Black bird-watcher of threatening her in New York City’s Central Park in a 2020 incident that went viral has lost a lawsuit accusing her former employer of illegally firing her and making her out to be a racist.

U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams on Wednesday rejected Amy Cooper’s claims that her former employer, investment management company Franklin Templeton, defamed her when it repeatedly said the firm did not tolerate racism.

Abrams further said Amy Cooper had failed to prove that she was fired due to her race or gender and without the kind of investigation that had once been conducted on allegations of another employee’s misconduct.


Amy Cooper lost her job after a video was shared on social media showing her calling 911 on bird-watcher Christian Cooper and telling police that an “African American man” had threatened her life and the life of her dog.

When keeping it Karen goes wrong

The history of America has seen Black cities like Rosewood, Florida and Greenwood, Oklahoma burned to the ground after similarly unproven accusations of a tearful white woman. During that time, a Black man’s life and all that he loved would be at risk of death and destruction because of a white woman, yet, today we see a changing of the times before our very eyes.

Just last week, an Uber Karen was caught blatantly lying on a Black couple in NYC when she in fact took their phone charger and when police arrived, the matter was handled without anything more than the viral public humiliation which followed.


Even for NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens, a Karen was recently cursing him out and once confronted by police, she began to predictably cry as Owens traded insults with her before the incident would be squashed.

Whether it’s a Karen calling police on a Black pastor for watering flowers, or SoHo Karen calling police on a Black 14-year-old for “stealing” a phone she lost, their power has not only lessened, but the backlash to their racially charged accusations are now met with an overwhelming and unified rejection.

In the case of Amy Cooper, she lost more than her reputation, but her livelihood, which is still far less than the hundreds of Black men, women, and children who have lost their lives while white women like Amy Cooper or Sarah Page lived on as the lynchpin to their demise.

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