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As one of – if not the most polarizing artist of all time – Kanye West, or Ye, is once again giving the people what they fell in love with him from in the first place: new music. Currently in London for Fashion Week, he spent time to offer a select number of fans present and millions more worldwide a taste of his next album, which has yet to be named.

Without a release date in mind, Ye previewed songs that he created in collaboration with producer James Blake.

Ye previewing three new songs at London Fashion Week tonight (9.26.22)

— Ye Media (@KanyeMedia_) September 27, 2022

Ye has recently announced the end of partnerships between Gap and Adidas over his billion dollar Yeezy brand after allegedly disregarding his creative approval for Yeezy apparel and shoes.

According to Black News, Ye is seeking mergers with all Black-owned footwear companies. Sources also say celebrities such as Dave Chappelle, Magic Johnson and former track and Olympic icon John Carlos (archived for his rebellious Black Power salute on the podium at the 1968 Summer Olympics) are among those who will reportedly bring their influence to this project.

While his personal life has went through very public highs and lows, Ye, like all artists, pours his pain and pleasures into his music. With the cathartic release of his 2021 album dedicated to his late mother, Donda, and the recent opening of Donda Academy, Ye has turned his pain into purpose.

Since his 2004 debut album, College Dropout, Ye has been a hip hop stalwart and though the billionaire he is today is far different than whom he was then, he has never cheated his fans.

While the clean and gospel-centric Donda was a far departure from a traditional hip hop album, Ye has since been featured on a number of albums and performed in the Los Angeles Rose Bowl alongside Drake in an effort to free Larry Hoover. After later releasing Donda 2 exclusively on STEM PLAYER, to date many hip hop heads have yet to hear it and the album largely came and went without much hubbub.

It’s anyone’s guess what the next album will look and sound like and if Ye’s art is an imitation of life, now that he’s got his money right, it’s likely he’ll say you ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothin.’

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