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The audience in the Microsoft Theatre booed upon Kelly Rowland’s announcement that Chris Brown had won Favorite Male R&B Artist of the Year at the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs). Brown was not present at the event and unable to defend himself, but Rowland checked the trolls, saying, “Excuse me… chill out.” 

Kelly Rowland said you ain’t gonna cut me off Chris Brown needs his flowers

— Ahmed/The Ears/Not A Lakers Fan ?? (@big_business_) November 21, 2022

When the boos from the crowd ended, Kelly accepted the award on Brown’s behalf. 

Rowland thanked Brown for making exceptional R&B music. “I want to tell him, thank you for being an incredible performer. I’ll take this award — bring it to you. I love you. Congratulations. And congratulations to all the nominees in this category,” Kelly Rowland added. 

Others in the favorite Male R&B Artist category with Brown were Brent Faiyaz, GIV?ON, Lucky Daye, and The Weeknd. 

Brown was scheduled to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson; however, that performance was canceled by the AMAs organization, according to Brown, without explanation. 

American Music Awards left some Black Twitterers disappointed when it chose to snatch Chris’ performance. One music fan called them out for seemingly failing to hold White celebrities accountable as much as Black celebrities. Her tweet garnered over 67,000 likes.

Saying, “We know Chris Brown did something horrible when he was 19. But my issue is the media picks & chooses who to hold accountable & who not. Mark Walhberg been having a non-judgmental career for yrs & he attacked a man causing him to be blind, whilst calling him a racial slur.”  

Wahlberg, 15 at the time, and three friends were charged with chasing three black children and pelting them with rocks while yelling racist epithets until an ambulance driver intervened. That epithet was “Kill the n*****s,” which was the last word Ahmed Arbury heard just before his death. Moreover, while high on PCP, Wahlberg attacked two Vietnamese men two years later in 1988.

Chris Brown responded via Instagram, saying that it would have been the AMAs performance, but “they canceled me for reasons unknown.”

Chris Brown did post a rehearsal video of his now-pulled AMAs performance on Insta.

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