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On January 8, Shanquella Robinson would have been alive to celebrate her 26th birthday, yet it was her family and supporters who uplifted her name in pursuit of justice and answers.

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A balloon release was held at Beatties Ford Memorial Gardens in historic West Charlotte. “They can’t silence her. They can’t silence us. You know, justice will be served,” friend Bobby Collins said during the balloon release.

Three months later it remains a mystery in Mexico as her family awaits answers to how then-25-year-old Shanquella Robinson wound up dead.

Conflicting reports and rumors have been rampant since news broke of her sudden death.

According to WSOC, Baja California Sur Attorney General Daniel de la Rosa Anaya said at Jan. 13 press conference, “There is no impunity in this case. Everything is under investigation.”

While the news is reassuring that Robinson’s case is still a priority, the lack of updates available will likely continue to drive internet speculation and rumor about her passing.

De la Rosa Anaya says his office has asked for the extradition of the person responsible for killing Robinson, though the name has not been made public.

He previously said she died from a “direct aggressor” and made the comments after a video surfaced showing her being attacked. The suspect has not been officially named.

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De la Rosa Anaya says his office is working with U.S. authorities. His investigators asked the U.S. for interviews with the other people who went on the trip to determine if they should face charges, as well.

“It is important to obtain the court order with regard to whoever is responsible for this, but also if there were any accomplices,” he said.

During the press conference, de la Rosa Anaya commented on the status of the investigation into her death, who authorities ruled died by femicide – the murder of a woman because of her gender.

Death of Shanquella Robinson remains a mystery, NC Judge recommends “patience”

In the search to find out what really happened to Robinson in Cabo, Mexico, there are two ongoing investigations: one by Mexican authorities and an independent investigation by the FBI.

Yolanda Trotman, a North Carolina criminal defense attorney and former judge, explained to WSOC-TV, “People need to understand that this is not going to be a quick process.”

Trotman continued, “The extradition process takes some time. There’s going to have to be a level of patience, I think, with people that want justice quickly and justice may not look like we’re used to.”

He also revealed they are working with authorities in the U.S. and added, “It is important to obtain the court order with regard to whoever is responsible for this, but also if there were any accomplices.”

WSOC Channel 9’s Joe Bruno traveled across North Carolina trying to track down four friends who were on that trip, but none were able to be contacted for comment.

Though national media has covered her death, many have also pointed out the lack of sustained media attention compared to White victims of controversial deaths.

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None of the persons in Cabo with Robinson have been identified as suspects by the FBI or Mexican authorities.

This story is developing.

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