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Da Brat is pregnant. Ms. Baptized in the Funk will soon be showered with a new bundle of joy. Ms. Funkdafied revealed her baby bump in an exclusive with People Magazine, saying, “I never thought I was going to have kids. I thought it wasn’t in the cards for me.” And for those who grew up listening to her ’90s’ hip-hop, the mother-to-be is 48.

“I’ve had a great career, a full life. I felt like because I didn’t get pregnant earlier on, then it just wasn’t going to happen for me,” she added.

Da Brat won’t be raising her baby solo. She’ll have plenty of support from her wife, Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart, 41, whom she married last February.

“It’s been quite a journey. There’s a lot of stuff we learned about women over the age of 40,” the start is quoted saying.

This won’t be the couple’s first child. Harris-Dupart has three children from a previous relationship.

Da Brat is having a baby

Da Brat expressed that she initially had no desire to carry and give birth to a child. Telling the publication, “I was like nothing’s gonna come out of me.” However, her wife Harris-Dupart convinced her that the experience would be life-changing.

Black maternal mortality is a real concern regardless of socioeconomic status. Several fibroids and polyps were removed before Da Brat underwent embryo transfer surgery. The star even suffered a miscarriage prior to this successful pregnancy.

“I fell in love with the idea [of being pregnant and being a mother], and then it was all snatched away from me,” she shared in the interview. Luckily, they had more eggs left.

Currently, in her second trimester, Da Brat says, “It’s just a blessing. I’m excited!” Besides having low energy, which is to be expected, Da Brat says, “I don’t have any cravings or nausea. But I’m always sleepy. It’s crazy!”

Da Brat is Pregnant

The news of Da Brat came as a shocker to fans. For those who know her persona, the rapper has traditionally come off as tough and masculine. Hence, she’s defying stereotypes of what tough and masculine looks like in the 21st century (i.e., Lil Nas X).

Staying busy while carrying Da Bundle, Da Brat currently co-hosts The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Dish Nation, and appears on Brat Loves Judy on WE TV.

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