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The LeBron James biopic titled “Shooting Stars” is coming to Peacock June 2, telling the story of James during his high school years.

“People think they know my story,” LeBron James opens the new biopic titled “Shooting Stars,” which is set to premiere on Peacock June 2.

“But this is our story.”

“Shooting Stars” will tell the story of LeBron James and his high school teammates and “how [they] became family.”

Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things) will star as Lil Dru in this biographical coming-of-age story centered around LeBron James and the St. Vincent-St. Mary high school basketball team located in Akron, Ohio.

“Shooting Stars is set in the 1990s, where a young LeBron James and his three best friends — Lil Dru, Willie McGee and Sian Cotton — declare themselves the ‘Fab Four,’ after the famed Michigan Wolverines’ ‘Fab Five’ of that era. From the moment we meet them, we realize this group of friends, under the guidance of coach Dru Joyce, is connected by more than basketball. So, when the coach at the top basketball school in their district threatens to separate them by putting Lil Dru on junior varsity, the Fab Four decide to switch schools to be able to play varsity together, joining the team at a predominantly white Catholic school instead. The community takes this as an insult, but the boys’ dedication to each other is more important than anything else,” reads the synopsis.

James’ high school career was nothing short of historic. He helped lead St. Vincent-St. Mary High School to four consecutive state championship appearances, winning three of the four. He won Ohio’s Mr. Basketball and was a member of the USA Today All-USA First Team in three of his four high school seasons.

Perhaps no one in basketball history has made bigger waves as a high school athlete than James. And the story of that high school career will be re-lived with this unimaginably true story. 

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