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By Kristopher Dobbins

GREENWOOD Dist. — Trueson Daugherty, a renowned Tulsa-based fine artist, fashion designer, and social sculptor, partnered with Tulsa Creative Engine for a Frequency event that took place Saturday night on April 29.

Frequency is a series of gatherings that focus on bringing together creative minds in Tulsa. Frequency allows the creative community new and exciting exhibition opportunities for local artists.

Trueson’s unique space in his home, “The Parlour,” is inspired by the Renaissance period. It’s become a safe haven for community members who appreciate genuine connections, meaningful conversations, and immersive art experiences.

(Photo by Kristopher Dobbins)

Trueson’s gatherings, held in The Parlour, are unparalleled in Tulsa. The latest gathering was held at the historic Philtower Building located at 427 South Boston Avenue, where Trueson debuted a new series of paintings and facilitated a crowd-involved session known as “The Salón”; a creative space that fosters collaboration, conversation, and artistic growth among peers. 

Trueson gives space for art renaissance at Parlour and Philtower

The Frequency event at the Philtower was packed with the community supporting the creative arts. The event was sponsored by Tulsa Creative Engine, Charcuteray, Tulsa Remote, and Trueson. This gathering was carefully crafted and tailored to provide attendees a unique and inspiring experience with true Parlour vibes.

(Photo by Kristopher Dobbins)

Guests enjoyed charcuterie and wine from Charcuteray, a small Tulsa business that crafts unique, visually beautiful, and fully customizable spreads. The night featured attendees speaking their peace on the soapbox while showcasing the talent of local musicians, poets, and artists. The night concluded with a dance party.

Trueson’s and Tulsa Creative Engine’s Frequency event, “Heavy Parlour Vibes,” was a massive success as the community packed the house and celebrated the arts, supporting creative expression during the event.

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