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GREENWOOD Dist.–The opening of one of the largest Black-owned soul food restaurants in the state of Oklahoma has got the town buzzing, so it’s time for a review.

Folks across the city of Tulsa are piling into Fixins Soul Kitchen, located in Historic Greenwood District, home to the original Black Wall Street.

For me, the entire experience, encompassing the ambiance, the cuisine, the music, and the energetic atmosphere, was a perfect 10.

Former NBA player and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is bringing Fixins Soul Kitchen to HIstoric Greenwood District. (Eat LA / Fixins)

The service

First and foremost, I must express my utmost respect and appreciation for the amazing level of customer service provided.

From the diligent individuals managing the check-in process, to the courteous and friendly hostess who graciously seated us, and the attentive servers who guided us in making our selections, every aspect of the service was ideal.

I rate the customer service a perfect 10/10.

The food

Moving on to the food experience, I must extol the extraordinary quality of the food. Personally, I opted for the tantalizing combination of three pieces of chicken and two waffles. Without exaggeration, I can confirm that this was some of the most first-class fried chicken I have ever had the chance to eat.

I can confidently review that the chicken is more than likely better than your own mother’s. Notably, the ability to handpick specific chicken pieces is a rare offering, as many establishments restrict such customization. In this regard, Fixins truly stands out.

Photo courtesy of Fixins Soul Kitchen

Having opted for two wings and a breast, I was astounded by the sheer size of these chicken portions. They were unquestionably the most substantial pieces of chicken I have ever laid eyes on, and their succulence was equally impressive.

Accompanying the dish was a serving of strawberry cream cheese, although I would have preferred the option of regular butter. Furthermore, while the waffles did not reach the pinnacle of fluffiness that I would prefer, they were still undeniably delicious.

Review: The vibe is vibin’

It is worth noting that Fixins Soul Kitchen boasts an extensive menu beyond their exceptional fried chicken. The offerings include classic entrees such as shrimp and grits, fried catfish, oxtails, and gumbo, as well as a selection of handheld options.

Additionally, the range of Kool-Aid flavors is truly remarkable, with choices encompassing red, blue, pink, purple, and green, each exhibiting the right balance of sweetness. Moreover, Fixins provides an array of fountain drinks, juices, teas, and lemonades to complement your specific dining experience.

Overall, I rate the food a remarkable 9.5 out of 10, with my only reservations relating to the waffles and the cream cheese.

I definitely see myself returning to Fixins Soul Kitchen on numerous occasions in the future, and if you don’t believe my review try it for yourself.

Tanner Frank is a 2023 summer intern for The Black Wall Street Times and a Tulsa, Oklahoma, native and a graduate of Booker T. Washington High Schoo. Tanner will be attending the University of Arkansas...