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Renowned music artist Lizzo continues to serve as an influential role model for young girls, championing inclusivity and body positivity.

Through her open dialogue and empowering messages, she urges young women to embrace their bodies, fostering confidence and self-assurance. Lizzo’s impact extends beyond her music and public appearances, as she consistently advocates for self-love, emphasizing that individuals of all races, sizes, genders, and sexual orientations possess inherent worth.

Her lyrics and performances radiate an unwavering example of embracing oneself.

One poignant instance that encapsulates Lizzo’s commitment to empowering her young fanbase occurred on June 13th during her concert in Hartford Connecticut, aptly titled The ‘Special’ Tour.

Danielle Cromwell-Cannon, accompanied by her 7-year-old daughter Aria, attended the show. To the delight of Aria, Lizzo graciously invited her onto the stage, where she knelt before the young girl, offering words of encouragement.

Lizzo supports adoring fan

The heartfelt moment culminated in a tender embrace, leaving an indelible impression on both Aria and the audience.

Aria’s adoration for Lizzo is evident through numerous videos her mother shared on social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. In one particularly noteworthy video from August, Aria’s lively dance to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” prompted an emotional response from the artist herself.

Lizzo replied with a video stating, “This young Black girl dancing to ‘About Damn Time’ got me crying.” Displaying her gratitude, Lizzo shared the video on Twitter, remarking, “THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO!!!! This is better than ANY award I could win. This is why my purpose is representation – because it matters.”

During the concert, Aria paid tribute to her idol by wearing her personalized version of the superhero outfit that Lizzo wore in the music video for her favorite song, “Special.” Aria’s mother recorded a touching video capturing her daughter’s awe-inspired reaction as Lizzo performed “Special.”

In the footage, Aria can be seen marveling at Lizzo’s presence, fervently singing along to the lyrics, “In case nobody made you believe you’re special. Well, I will always love you the same. You’re special,” as tears streamed down her face.

Empowering representation

Expressing her heartfelt appreciation for Lizzo’s transformative impact, Aria’s mother took to social media following the concert to thank the artist for boosting her daughter’s confidence and for extending the invitation to join her on stage.

“I’m so grateful that my girls have someone that looks like them to look up to. So thank you again, Lizzo. Aria said this was the best day of her life,” Cannon expressed with immense gratitude.

Lizzo reciprocated the outpouring of love and support that was displayed across multiple social media platforms by reposting images capturing the heartwarming embrace between her and Aria. Accompanying the images, the star tweeted, “Everything I do is for HER. So that she grows up knowing how to love herself radically.”

Lizzo’s unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity, self-acceptance, and empowerment stands as a testament to the profound influence she wields, particularly among young girls like Aria. By exemplifying the power of self-love through her music and actions, she continues to reinforce the significance of representation in mainstream media.