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It has been announced LeBron James cleared a 2013 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigation as part of its probe into the Biogenesis of America clinic, which was accused of providing performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes.

After over a decade of clouded investigations and fogged speculation, it is LeBron James cleared of any wrongdoing.

The DEA investigation began in 2012 after a disgruntled former employee of Biogenesis leaked documents to the Miami New Times newspaper. The documents showed that Biogenesis had provided PEDs to a number of professional athletes, including Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Nelson Cruz.

LeBron James cleared
Greg Nelson/Sports Illustrated.

The Biogenesis scandal occurred several years ago, but new information was recently obtained by ESPN.

“But what has not been publicly known until now — found in more than 1,400 pages of unredacted federal investigative documents obtained by ESPN — are the names of other athletes and figures, from world champion boxers and wrestlers to fitness gurus, entertainers and even law enforcement officials, who surfaced during the investigation of the largest doping operation in U.S. sports history,” ESPN’s Mike Fish wrote.

“Among them are former WWE star Paul ‘The Big Show’ Wight; former boxing champion Shannon Briggs; one of the most well-known trainers of prominent athletes in David Alexander; and Ernest ‘Randy’ Mims, a longtime friend and business manager of LeBron James.”

The DEA investigation focused on James because his former trainer, David Alexander, was a customer of Biogenesis. Alexander was also linked to Ernest “Randy” Mims, James’ longtime friend and business associate. Mims was also a customer of Biogenesis.

While connected to James, in the Biogenesis scandal between Alexander and Mims, neither was found in distribution to athletes.

According to Lakers Daily, as for Alexander’s connection to James, it had been known that he had worked with Alexander during his time for the Heat and Cavs. However, documents identified Alexander as James’ wife’s personal trainer.

There were also documents that showed that James’ wife, Savannah, and Alexander co-owned a cold-pressed juice and smoothie business at the time.

Not only was LeBron James cleared but so was Savannah James

Savannah was mentioned in the Biogenesis scandal, but there is no evidence that she ever used PEDs as well.

The DEA interviewed James and Mims, but they both denied any wrongdoing. The DEA also searched James’ home, but they did not find any evidence of PEDs.

In 2015, the DEA closed its investigation into Biogenesis. No charges were filed against James or any other athletes.

King James has always denied using PEDs. He’s never tested positive for any performance-enhancing substances, nor has he ever been linked to any PEDs outside of his tangential relationship to the Biogenesis investigation.

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