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The Obama family faced intense scrutiny as the first Black presidential family in the White House, but unlike Hunter Biden and other children of former presidents, Malia and Sasha Obama have given their parents a priceless gift–staying free from scandal.

Currently, the Obama daughters are enjoying post-college life as roommates in Los Angeles.

Malia, 25, moved to L.A. to pursue a career in filmmaking after graduating from her father’s alma mater Harvard in 2021. After gaining years of experience working on film sets as a production assistant, Malia landed a screenwriting position on the set of Donald Glover’s television show “Swarm”.

“She’s just like, an amazingly talented person,” Glover told Vanity Fair. “She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard.”

Younger daughter Sasha, 22, graduated from the University of Southern California in May with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

sasha and malia obama
Sasha Obama is officially a graduate of the University of Southern California. (Instagram / backgrid)

Since the fall of last year, Malia and Sasha Obama have been living together in L.A. While tabloids have been quick to pounce on them at parties, their legacy as living Black brilliance continues to make their parents proud.

“I’m moving from mom-in-chief to advisor-in-chief. That’s a lovely thing — to be able to watch my girls fly and have the relief that ‘Okay, I think I didn’t mess them up,'” former First Lady Michelle Obama said on the first episode of her new podcast.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is putting his dad President Biden in a peculiar predicament.

Hunter Biden indicted on charges while Sasha and Malia Obama invited to parties

Just over a year away from the 2024 Presidential Election, Hunter Biden isn’t making his dad’s reelection effort any easier.

On Thursday, he was indicted on gun charges that stem from a 2018 incident where he failed to disclose his drug use while purchasing a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver at a gun shop in Wilmington, Delaware.

If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison. The parents of Malia and Sasha Obama have plenty to say about the accomplishments of their daughters. Meanwhile, Pres. Biden has remained silent about his son’s historic indictment.

The alleged guilt has spilled over and infected the president. Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has seized on Hunter Biden’s questionable foreign business dealings to launch an impeachment effort against Pres. Biden.

The impeachment inquiry has led at least one House Democrat to separate the actions of the father from his son, an issue the Obama family hasn’t worried about with Malia and Sasha.

“The evidence suggests Hunter Biden is guilty of unethical and/or illegal behavior. The evidence suggests Joe Biden is guilty of absolutely nothing more than being a father,” Congressman Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday.

Other scandals by children of former presidents

While Hunter Biden’s indictment is historic, it isn’t the first time the child of a president has gotten into trouble with the law or at a university.


Donald Trump Jr. has faced a list of scandals, from being arrested for public drunkenness in 2001 to facing an ongoing lawsuit that alleges his entire family falsified business tax records at the Trump Organization.

Donald Trump’s daugther Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were never indicted on any charges, but their companies and business enterprises flourished while serving as advisors to the president, leading to accusations of conflicts of interests.


As a 19-year-old college student, George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna was given two alcohol-related misdemeanors in a five-week span. Jenna’s twin sister Barbara was also cited for underaged drinking.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia Obama managed to attend two prestigious universities, get their degree and get out without a criminal case.

Neil Bush, the third-eldest son of former President George H.W. Bush, was sued by federal regulars in the 1990s for conflicts of interest. In 1988, Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Association collapsed, costing taxpayers over $1 billion.

Neil Bush served as director of the institution. Therefore, he was sued for allegedly not taking action to stop the institution from making improper and even illegal loans, Business Insider reported.

While he wasn’t indicted, he did agree to pay a $50,000 out-of-court settlement.


Finally, Amy Carter, the daughter of President Jimmy Carter, was dismissed from Brown University for failing to finish her coursework.

Yet as a frequent participant of protests, her scandal pales in comparison to her Republican counterparts.

Ultimately, Malia and Sasha Obama reign supreme as the heavyweight champions of staying out of trouble.

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