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Authorities have conducted a wellness check on pop icon, Britney Spears, after her supporters expressed concern over an Instagram video of her dancing with knives, a source close to the singer told NBC News

Dismissing the concerns, the source added that the 41-year-old pop icon is “fine.” Adding, “This is overblown. She was expressing her freedom as she continues to do.”

The “Baby One More Time” pop princess posted the video to Instagram on Monday. She wrote in the caption, “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today.”

Spears added that fans shouldn’t worry and that they weren’t real knives, however, that has not been confirmed.

Fans continue to monitor the wellbeing of Spears

Spears has dominated headlines for years, not just for her chart-topping hits but also for her controversial conservatorship.

The legal arrangement, established in 2008 after a tumultuous period in her life, placed control of her personal and financial affairs in the hands of her father, Jamie Spears, and other appointed professionals.

For over a decade, Spears lived under this conservatorship, sparking widespread debates about its ethical implications. Her most dedicated fans in the #FreeBritney movement rallied for her release from what they saw as an oppressive system.

In 2021, Britney Spears emerged triumphant against her conservatorship

In 2021, the world watched as Spears courageously spoke out in court against her conservatorship.

Her heartfelt plea for freedom ignited a global conversation about the rights of individuals under such arrangements. Her testimony led to significant developments in her case, including her father’s suspension from the conservatorship.

The Britney Spears conservatorship saga illustrates the complex intersection of fame, mental health, and legal guardianship. It challenges society to reevaluate how we protect vulnerable individuals while respecting their autonomy and personal agency.

The #FreeBritney movement has already made a profound impact. It shined a light on the complexities of conservatorships and conversations which will surely be revisited after the alarming knive-wielding video.

Spears posted again later saying she was simply copying Shakira, who danced with knives at her MTV Video Music Awards performance earlier this month.

According to NBC News, these types of videos are a staple on Spears’ Instagram feed as she has posted clips of her dancing alone in her home for years. 

TMZ says Britney Spears may have gashed herself

TMZ reports all new bandages seem to have appeared on her since her first knife video Monday night.

Britney Spears

They reported Spears may have cut herself when playing with the knives … as she was wearing new bandages over what appears to be gashes on her thigh and lower back.

Fans called in a wellness check on Spears in January as well. At the time she said it went a “little too far” in a since-deleted social media post.

“?The police never entered my home and when they came to my gate they quickly realized there was no issue and left immediately,” Spears wrote.

“This felt like I was being gaslit and bullied once the incident made it to the news and being portrayed once again in a poor and unfair light by the media.”

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