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Renowned singer Tamar Braxton has broken her silence regarding the recent backstage altercation between reality star Chrisean Rock and singer James Wright Chanel at her concert in Los Angeles.

In a video shared on Instagram under the caption “Justice for James,” Braxton candidly addressed the incident, shedding light on the circumstances that transpired.

Braxton began by explaining her initial decision to refrain from discussing the incident out of respect for Chanel and her team. However, she ultimately chose to speak out, emphasizing the importance of standing behind the safety of her team. Confirming reports of Rock assaulting Chanel backstage, Braxton described the incident as a traumatic experience.

The fight left Chanel with a chipped tooth and bloodied nose

The altercation allegedly occurred after Rock was denied the opportunity to perform at the concert on November 10th. Distressed, Rock entered Braxton’s dressing room, where the situation escalated.

The scuffle resulted in Rock physically striking Chanel, who sustained a chipped tooth and a bloodied nose.

Setting the record straight, Tamar Braxton clarified that she never intended for Rock to open for her at the concert, as her sister Toni Braxton was already slated to be the opener. 

Braxton had invited Rock to the show for a “twerk off” segment.

She expressed disappointment that the encounter took a violent turn. She revealed her admiration for Rock, even viewing her as a potential mentee. Braxton elaborated, “I felt for her on so many occasions, and I just felt like this was somebody that I wanted to meet to possibly take under my wing.”

Tamar Braxton sends apologies to Rock

In a direct address to Chrisean Rock, Braxton offered apologies for the misunderstanding that led to the altercation. She underscored that violence was never her intention. “I didn’t want any of this to happen. I actually thought that we could really be good friends…but I have to acknowledge my team because my team has been traumatized, especially James,” Braxton expressed emotionally.

Braxton underscored the significance of her team’s safety, as they are her closest friends. Holding back tears, she expressed frustration that violence occurred at her show.

Braxton emphasized her longstanding belief that her concerts should be a safe space.

As of now, Chrisean Rock has not issued a statement and has deleted all of her social media accounts. It is unclear whether or not Chanel will be pressing charges.

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