Black Community Feels Alienated by Mayor GT Bynum’s statements

Productive conversations around race are nearly impossible unless the inexperienced-party or individual decides to risk it all by moving out of their comfort zones and getting proximate with those experiencing adverse issues — in this case, with community members who have experienced negative encounters with Tulsa police officers.


9/11, EJI and Legacy Memorial creators selected to design Black Wall Street Museum

“There are aspects of the race massacre, even as its hundred years old, that are present today, and we’re all hoping together to make something that can both bring Tulsa together, but also move it forward, and frankly, move everyone who visits this experience, forward,” Barton explained to the Centennial Commission leaders and Oklahoma Lieutenant Matt Pinnell. 

Celebrating McLain’s new multimillion-dollar sports facility

“The students and community are excited. They’ve waited for years to have a facility that is up to par with the rest of the city. Every time I go somewhere, from the barbershop to the grocery store and department stores, everyone is always asking me, ‘Is it ready? When is it going to be ready? I can’t wait.’ I show them a few pictures, and they say, ‘Man, that’s great. That’s cool, man. I love this! This is going to be great!’.”