Month: December 2018

This is America | Trump didn’t create this wave of racism

Well, here we are America two years plus and knee deep into the Trump-lead White House. A White House lead by a man who has had three wives, five kids by three different women, abortions by a mistress, has no basic understanding of the Bible, is a casino owner, has had multiple failed business and six to seven bankruptcies, but who’s counting right?

Theatre North presents “The Green Book”

“The Green Book” by Calvin A. Ramsey is a play about a time when many African-Americans were traveling by car and had the freedom of mobility for the first time, and they were eager to go out on the road. However, segregation brought hidden dangers, and vulnerable Blacks had to maneuver to find safety in accommodations, leisure activities, restaurants, service establishments and anything that they would need during their travels.