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Per Black Enterprise, a man is in police custody after shooting two Subway employees in Atlanta, Georgia, killing one over a sandwich he felt had “too much mayo.”

The 36-year-old man has been arrested but not identified after shooting two women workers at a Subway restaurant in downtown Atlanta, WSB-TV reports. A 26-year-old woman was killed while a 24-year-old woman is recovering from her injuries.

The five-year-old child of the 24-year-old woman was also inside the restaurant at the time of the shooting. Police responded to the shooting at a Subway attached to the Circle K gas station in downtown Atlanta just after 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

According to WSB-TV, Interim Chief Of Police Darin Schierbaum said arguments are the majority cause of homicides in 2022.

“We need individuals to talk out their disputes, walk away and do not pick up guns. We can take down drug operations that breed violent crime, we can dismantle gang organizations that breed violent crime, we can stop robbery crews that breed violent crime, we cannot stop someone who is mad because there is too much mayonnaise on their sandwich,” said Schierbaum.

Gun violence in America is at a boiling point.

The price of life is cheap in America. While Congress passes half-measures to gun control, our country continues to prove itself more violent with each passing day. Whatever that man had been through during his 36 years on earth was carried with him into that Subway. His experiences shaped and warped his reality. A reality so tragic that one day he would snap and murder a stranger over nothing more than a sandwich.

In 2019, during the Popeye’s chicken sandwich craze, many swarmed to their restaurants and even amongst the frenzy, a man was stabbed to death in an argument over the $5 sandwich.

With an increase in temperature comes a sadly predictable increase in violence across the country, however, dying over a sandwich is unquestionably proof of America’s deteriorating mental health.

Diddy calls for unity but is it too late?

“What you’re seeing behind me is the result of a tragedy, a senseless tragedy that we’ve seen numerous times throughout the year where an argument leads to gunfire, and now we have someone dead,” Interim Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said.

Willie Glenn, the co-owner of the Subway location, is heartbroken by the shooting and loss of one of his employees. He stated, “It just breaks my heart, to know that someone has the audacity to point a weapon, and shoot someone for as little as too much mayonnaise on a sandwich.”

“Everybody wants to carry a gun.” He continued, ” Everybody wants to scare somebody with a gun. It’s scary out here.”

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