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Sophia Rosing has been indicted by a Kentucky grand jury for her racist attack against a Black student-employee last November.

The 22-year-old Rosing faces several assault charges after she was recorded hurling racial slurs and physically attacking University of Kentucky student-employee Kylah Spring in Boyd Residence Hall.

The viral video also shows Sophia Rosing’s confrontation with police officers who arrived on the scene. Video shows her allegedly kicking and biting the arresting officer. She was charged with six criminal charges including assault, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and assault of a police officer. 

“The girl starts saying things like ‘do my chores’, ‘it’s not my fault that you’re Black’, ‘it’s not my fault that you’re ugly’, and at this point she’s like singing the n-word,” Spring recalled.

Former University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing faces hard time

Patricia Luna, who witnessed the incident in the dorm, told WKYT, “I heard a slap and then I heard racial slurs and I was like, ‘That’s not okay so I’m not gonna leave and I’m gonna pull out my phone so I can record. The girl that was being harassed, she handled that so beautifully. She was always so professional and kind and didn’t turn to violence even though Sophia gave her every single reason to want to fight back.”

A drunken Rosing would not identify herself to the arresting officers and did not have ID on her, but told officers she “has lots of money and gets special treatment.”

On November 9, University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto confirmed that Rosing was permanently banned from the campus.

“Ms. Rosing is no longer a student at the University of Kentucky,” Eli Capilouto wrote at the time. “Within hours of learning about this incident, we suspended her on an interim basis – a move that banned her from campus during our investigation. I have also determined that she will not be eligible to re-enroll as a student. She is permanently banned from the campus.”

Rosing faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years for assaulting a police officer. At her initial appearance in November, Rosing pleaded not guilty. 

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