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An officer of the Haworth Police Department in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, has been arrested and charged with a felony for pointing a firearm at a Black man and demanding he “run, n*gga, run.”

Neal Pollard faces one count of feloniously pointing a firearm after being arrested by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations on May 17, court documents show. First reported by the McCurtain Gazette-News, the incident occurred on April 24.

While off-duty, Pollard reportedly aimed his gun at a Black Alford Metals employee in McCurtain County and demanded he run for his life.

“Run, n*gger, run! You’d better run, boy,” Pollard allegedly said. The town of Haworth, Oklahoma is on the southeastern edge of the state near the border with Arkansas and Texas.

News of the incident comes just a month after McCurtain County officials faced calls to resign after a secret recording by McCurtain Gazette reporters was made public. The recording depicted the sheriff, a deputy, a county commissioner and a jail trust administrator discussing wanting to kill a McCurtain Gazette journalist and their desire to lynch Black people.

“I had a feeling this was going to be explosive just because of how abhorrent the comments are on the audio. But I never dreamed it would be as big as it has become,” journalist Chris Willingham told The Black Wall Street Times near the end of April. He and his family remain “worried” about their safety.

McCurtain County Sheriff Kevin Clardy, Deputy Alicia Manning, and former District 2 County Commissioner Mark Jennings.

Another McCurtain County law enforcement officer involved in racist, violent incident

While Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond has announced his office, along with the OSBI and FBI, were investigating the officials, only County Commissioner Mark Jennings has resigned. Despite calls from Gov. Kevin Stitt to voluntarily resign, the racist elected official who oversees law enforcement in the county has refused.

The latest incident involving another racist law enforcement officer, whose racist and violent actions took place just days after the recording of McCurtain County officials made national news, adds pressure on Gov. Stitt and AG Drummond to take action to protect the safety of Oklahomans.

Pollard faces a June 29 preliminary hearing, and he posted a $15,000 bond the day after the arrest.

While state officials continue to prioritize attacking diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, racist law enforcement officials in McCurtain County continue to cause racial terrorism.

The Black Wall Street Times has reached out to OSBI, the State Attorney General and the Governor’s Office for more information. This is a developing story.

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