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A colorectal surgeon and lifelong New Yorker, Dr. Lynn O’Connor was sworn in Monday as the first Black female surgeon of the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Dr. Lynn O’Connor holds the distinction of being the first surgeon to join the ranks of the NYPD, revolutionizing the way they handle medical emergencies and trauma care.

A Pioneering Path in Medicine

Dr. Lynn O’Connor’s journey was first paved by an unwavering dedication to both medicine and public service.

Dr. Lynn O'Connor
Photo Courtesy: GMA.

After completing her medical education and surgical training, she found herself drawn to emergency care. Her desire to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives in high-stress situations ultimately led her to the NYPD.

Bringing Expertise to the Front Lines

When Dr. Lynn O’Connor officially joined the NYPD as its first surgeon, it marked a historic moment. Her presence will allow her to provide immediate medical care to officers injured in the line of duty.

Moreover, Dr. O’Connor’s expertise in trauma surgery proved instrumental in a wide range of situations, from gunshot wounds to accidents.

Her ability to stabilize patients at the scene of an incident often meant the difference between life and death. Her knowledge and experience also played a pivotal role in enhancing the training of NYPD officers in emergency medical response.

Dr. Lynn O’Connor is known for a compassionate approach to healthcare. She understands the emotional toll that traumatic incidents can take on both officers and civilians involved.

“As someone who was born in Manhattan, raised in Queens, and lives in Long Island, it’s truly an honor to be sworn in as the first Black female police surgeon for the New York City Police Department. I am excited to bring the collective experience of merging law and medicine together while fostering community relations to reach people of all ages and backgrounds to help make a positive impact on their health,” said Dr. O’Connor.

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