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Having dinner with Jay-Z would likely be an unforgettable experience for most people. Also, having $500,000 in cash would change a life in an instant. But would you rather have lunch with Jay-Z or 500,000 dollars?

The hypothetical question has been floating around the internet for years in different variations: “$10,000 or a 10-minute conversation with Jay-Z?” or “50k or dinner with Jay-Z,” “500k or dinner with Jay-Z?”

In a clip from his most recent interview with CBS News’ Gayle King, she stated, “There’s something interesting online Jay, I would love to hear what you think about this. If you had a choice between getting paid $500,000 in cash or lunch with Jay-Z, which would you choose?”

With a slight chuckle and grin on his face, he responded, “You gotta take the money, what I’ma say?”

King championed the wisdom one would get from Jay-Z is why some would take the lunch over the money, but the 53-year-old rapper went on to explain why taking the money is the better option.

“You got all of that in the music for $10.99, that’s a bad deal, I wouldn’t tell you to cut a bad deal” he said.

Jay-Z attends The Shawn Carter Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Black Tie Gala at Pier 60 on July 14, 2023 in New York City. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

He encouraged taking the $500,000 and buying some of his albums to get the information one would believe they would get in a dinner setting with him.

He encouraged the listening of his albums, because the music is “The Blueprint” of his life and his journey.

Lunch  With Jay > Half A Mill? 

Despite Jay-Z himself saying take the money, former Def Jam artist, Rick Ross took to the internet to explain why he would take dinner over the money. 

Ross speaks about a dinner experience in 2008 with Jay-Z and how it enhanced his career. 

“He said, Rozay, versus writing to every beat you like, write to every record you can make work.” 

Rick Ross mentioned his productivity increasing as a result of the dinner. 

“I went from writing one record to every 80 beats I liked, to writing 40 records out every 80  beats I could make work. It took me to another level as a writer, another level as an artist, the amount of work I was putting out was next level.”

While Ross may have benefited from having dinner with Jay, it is noteworthy that he had achieved a Gold Record with his debut album, Port of Miami. 

Gayle King’s two-part interview with Jay-Z will air on CBS on Thursday October 26 and Friday October 27.

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