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After hearing “Cobra” and receiving backlash from fans, Pardi Fontaine has clapped back at Megan Thee Stallion with the song “Thee Person.”

While Megan never mentioned Pardi’s name in her song, he calls her out in his and accuses her of having lipo, cheating, and being a liar.

Pardi’s lyrics Directed at Megan

Pardi states, “Sit down for a second, girl you need to hear this / Be for real you ain’t even realistic / Got lipo then you started posting gym pics / The things that you’re doing is sadistic.”

A section of the song is, “This ain’t for Megan Thee Stallion / This for Megan Thee Person / Had me beefing with n***** you knew you was f****** / Beautiful girl but your soul is disgusting.”

In the song, Pardi insinuates that the very men he was fighting with are the same people Megan was secretly having sexual intercourse.

Megan Hints at Infidelity in Relationship

“Cobra” is Megan’s first solo track of 2023, showcasing her independent debut. Throughout the song, Megan speaks about the thought of suicide, missing her parents, and coping with alcohol.

Megan hints at cheating with the line, “Man, I miss parents , way too anxious, always cancel my plans / Pulled up, caught him cheating / Getting his d*** sucked in the same spot I’m sleeping!!!”

Megan never referenced Pardi as being a cheater; she only stated that she caught her partner cheating.

Fans Bashed Pardi after “Cobra”

Although she did not state his name, many fans suspect that Megan was referring to him, as the ex-couple split after two years together.

Fans also took to Instagram after the single and swarmed Pardi’s comments with hate, prompting him to limit his comments. One person stated, “To do her like that when she was at her most vulnerable. God don’t like ugly smh.”

“Thee Person” only released a snippet of the song on November 17, but the full version will be included in his upcoming project, “Ex Tape”, released on December 12.

To date, Megan has not responded to Pardi’s latest single.

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