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By: BWST Staff

In a stunning 59-41 vote, Senate Republicans sent a strong and embarrassing rebuke to President Trump this afternoon, terminating his declaration of a national emergency on the Southern border.

The President, who declared a national emergency after losing a prolonged shutdown battle over border wall funding, lost support from his own party over concerns that the declaration was unconstitutional.

The loss is a stinging one and shows the President’s continuing slip with the GOP, American sentiment and realism in general.

In a last-ditch effort to save Trump from such a loss, Senators Graham (R-SC), Cruz (R-TX) and Sasse (R-NE) reportedly “barged” into the White House Wednesday evening, interrupting dinner and offering the president an opportunity to soften his own resolution.

The president declined in a meeting being described as “just unproductive”.

He then issued a warning to GOP Senators who were preparing to join Senate Democrats and other colleagues in the House in terminating the President’s plan.

The national emergency declaration was feared to have propelled the nation into a lengthy and costly court battle as it would have effectively drastically expanded the reach of the President’s powers.

Trump is expected to veto the bill ending his emergency declaration, all but forcing a prolonged court process at the expense of American taxpayers.

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