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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is no stranger to criticism. And when Scott Smith, AKA @Chubby_Taco, came for Black America’s widely beloved Queen, Black Twitter, along with Mayor Bottoms, lit him up.

Scott digitally tried this Black woman, tweeting, “Does our Mayor do anything but attend ribbon-cutting ceremonies?” in response to an @CityofAtlanta tweet that showed the nationally respected Mayor at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new walking trail and gazebo at Melvin Drive Park in west Atlanta.

Mayor Bottoms quickly clapped back, responding, “Lol…actually no. But if you would like me to send selfies as I attend meetings, read and mark up memos, write notes, sit through Zooms, problem solve, strategize, balance the budget, return calls, cook dinner, and try and understand new elementary math, I will!”

Black Twitter didn’t hold back on @Chubby_Taco either.

Erica Mayo, tweeted “... it’s too late to apply suntan lotion after the ass burn.” 

Did we mention that Scott was White? Y’all, Black Twitter wasn’t going to let Scott take a swipe at their Black Mayor and neither was anyone else who support Mayor Bottoms.

Joanna Coker tweeted: Welp…this was the best “sit yo ass down” response I’ve ever seen! #LoveMyMayor!

@Justice85 tweeted: “Mayor Bottoms, you do an outstanding job in the ATL. I follow you & i don’t live in Atlanta but have considered moving there. I love what you have done for the city of Atlanta. There will always be a Karen or a Ken who always try to make themselves relevant.”

Janie Cutler tweeted: “Keep being awesome, like you are. I wish you were our Mayor in Raleigh.

Yep! Black Twitter and Atlanta read @Chubby_Taco for filth.”

Y’all, have a good day now. And remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 

See the rest of the reads Scott received and the support Mayor Bottoms received below.

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