Darrin Henson shares insights on reaching your goals
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Millions of Americans are aware of Darrin Henson, the award-winning entertainer known for working with stars such as Michael Jackson, Prince, and Jennifer Lopez and appearing on fan favorites like Soul Food and the current BET show The Family Business. He’s been at the top of his career for so long inspiring actors and dancers. Now, creators at large can gain powerful insight from Darrin on their journey to the top. 

Darrin Henson’s Career Preparation 

“I have a book called ‘Life’s Teachable Moments’. For me; one of the answers to that is living in the present moment,” Darrin Henson told The Black Wall Street Times. “We can’t prepare for what shows up in life. We can pay attention to what we desire, prepare, take action, and fix things as we move forward.”

Darrin added, “You can start something, and it turns out differently. You take a couple of turns, you arrive, you adjust, and learn as you go.”

Darrin Henson is contributing to the TV and Film Industry

Henson’s career is showing no signs of slowing down. He is currently in the process of creating new opportunities for others in the industry. 

“90% of talent is from the Black diaspora and very similar to what Tyler Perry has done, I create stories about us, which allows us to be seen,” Henson said. “I get to hire our talent and tell our stories. The best part about that is we can have dialogue, and education is key. Each one teaches one can reach one.”

How You Can Prepare to Join Darrin Henson Projects  

Being clear and staying focused has been some of Henson’s many tools to help him along his career journey. With Henson’s upcoming documentary, and current directorial projects, he explained how aspiring creators can be a part. 

“The way that you can be a part of any process is by being in alignment with it,” Henson said. “You must be in a conversation in agreement with yourself before you can work with someone else. They will be there. You’ve been preparing your whole life. It’s about preparing beforehand because the opportunity will be there, but will you be prepared?”

Darrin Henson, the Good the Bad of his career

When things didn’t look so great for Henson, he found the lesson in every trial and tribulation.

“Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to find out who the rock at the bottom is,” Henson said. “The things that show up are the things that we don’t like, and they are the contrast that we need to grow. It’s not negative. I’ve outgrown the judgment to show that I no longer have to learn again because I learned and can make better decisions. I’m different now because of the moments I still wouldn’t know what to do because of those times.”

Henson added, “All the things we consider negative are key components that raise you to the level of having to figure things out. I have learned that I am responsible for Darrin. There is no help; help comes when you help yourself and are in motion already.”

How Darrin Henson Has Peace in peaceful perspective 

Have you heard the phrase jack of all trades and master of none? Darren has a positive perspective of what that phrase means for aspiring creators interested in multiple areas who may have trouble “niching down.”

“It’s like really to master one you have to spend 10,000 hours of learning or training. What they are saying is that they don’t know how to focus. They aren’t really any one of those things,” Henson said. “I chose to do one thing at a time really well and focus, follow one course until successful. It’s not about I’m doing this, it’s about focusing on this, and I’m going to get really good at it, and I’ll get your attention.”

Henson added, “Too many people divide themselves, trying to get into too many things too often that they don’t become good at anything. Get good at making peace with being yourself and focusing. You can focus hard for five to six months and change for [the] next years.”

What can we expect to see from Darrin Henson in the Future

Be on the lookout for Henson’s future projects. He just completed writing and directing a film called “A House Ain’t A Home” and is working on another movie that will be done by the end of the year.

Henson also has a clothing line that’s a positive affirmation clothing called “God’s Billboard T-Shirts.”