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Equipped with an arsenal of sharpshooting rhymes and commanding delivery, North Philly’s own Rocky was one of hottest female rappers to grace the legendary Roots stage in 2023.

The Black Wall Street Times spoke with Rocky on-site after rocking the stage in front of her hometown fans and thousands across the world.

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Though Rocky is yet to sign a record contract, the music she’s created in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection has reached the ears of DreamChasers near and far.

Not only has she received a co-sign from Meek Mill, who named her as “the hottest artist in Philly,” but Rocky has also been co-signed by artists such as Casanova, A$AP Ferg, Lil Mo, Freeway, and many more.

“I’m independent. Everybody here is signed to a deal. I have me, myself, and my team of people,” said Rocky.

According to Forbes, only 3% of Black women-owned companies mature and survive longer than five years. 

Noting the firsthand difficulties Black women face as entrepreneurs, Rocky said her acceleration in the music industry is credited to her small circle and big picture. “I feel like I’m making the right choices,” she affirmed.

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Asked what she loves most about North Philly, Rocky unequivocally stated, “The realness.” She continued, “the grittiness of my city — my part of town — you can’t be fake and come from where I come from.”

Since dropping her first two mixtapes, Fakebitcheshero (2018) and Fakebitcheshero 2 (2019), she’s released several EPs, including Rocky Vibes (2020), Rocky (2020) and Taylor Street (2021).

An artist at heart, even dabbling in poetry during her younger days, Rocky says she allows herself to get lost in the creative process. “I need a beat so good it makes me forget what I’m going to write. If the beat is hot — it’s automatic.”

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With viral singles like the DMX-sampling “How It’s Goin’ Down,” “Ride”, and being a longtime fan of Allen Iverson, Rocky has proven herself to be a burgeoning force in Philly’s rap scene. 

Rocky has also been featured in The Source and has done interviews on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, The Come Up Show and HOT 97 Funk Flex Show.

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After taking time off from tragically losing her baby brother to gun violence, with the amount of success she’s had and is currently in pursuit of, I asked Rocky whether she remains accepting of advice given this particular moment in her life. She responded, “If the advice makes sense, I’ll take it. It can be a kid — if it makes sense — I’ma listen. You can learn from anybody.”

Rocky’s new project ROCKY MOODS will be out everywhere projected June 16.

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