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NEW YORK, NY – Wendy Hilliard, a renowned National Hall of Fame Gymnast, has recently unveiled her latest venture—a captivating and informative podcast for gymnastics and other sports fans called “Champion Sports Moms.”

The podcast aims to provide valuable insights into the world of today’s athlete families, focusing on raising the next generation of champions. In this unique platform, Wendy welcomes other moms to share their experiences in dealing with and nurturing young athletes, shedding light on the life lessons learned both on and off the gym mat, court, or track.

As a highly accomplished athlete herself, Wendy attributes much of her success to her own mother, who acted as her biggest advocate and inspiration, playing a significant role in shaping Wendy into the person she is today. 

wendy hilliard
Gymnast Wendy Hilliard. Photo courtesy of Hilliard.

Hilliard emphasizes that her mother’s advice was invaluable, especially when she became a mother and started raising her own children. 

“My mom was my biggest advocate, inspiration and a major influence in shaping me to become who I am today,” Hilliard said.

“Her advice has always helped me, especially when I became a mother too and as I raised my own children. With Champion Sports Moms, I wanted to create a platform where we can have honest conversations about motherhood and raising young athletes and hopefully learn from one another by hearing individual stories of families raising children in sports, which impacts them on and off the athletic fields, in the classroom, and as they become young adults.”

Gymnastics legend Wendy Hilliard: A living legacy

It is this profound understanding of the impact of motherhood on athletes that motivated Wendy to create “Champion Sports Moms.” Her vision for the podcast is to foster honest and enlightening conversations about the challenges and rewards of raising young athletes, encouraging listeners to learn from one another through shared stories of families navigating the world of sports.

Being a champion athlete is no easy feat, and raising a high-level athlete presents its own unique set of challenges.

Wendy Hilliard recognizes the lack of readily available information on how to navigate this path effectively. Hence, on the “Champion Sports Moms” podcast, she sits down with a diverse array of champion sports moms—past and present—to share their personal journeys and offer valuable insights.

A brand new podcast

The “Champion Sports Moms” podcast debuted earlier this summer and has already hosted an impressive lineup of guests, including Michelle Dusserre Farrell, a 1984 USA Olympic silver medalist in gymnastics; Joetta Clark Diggs, a four-time Olympian in track & field, motivational speaker, author, and businesswoman; Kathy Johnson Clarke, a 1984 Olympic silver and bronze medalist in gymnastics and sports commentator; and Kym Hampton, the 1997 first-round selection WNBA All-Star of the New York Liberty. Other prominent sports moms have also graced the show with their presence.

Upcoming episodes of “Champion Sports Moms” will feature exciting guests, such as executive Sabrina Monday, 1996 Olympian in gymnastics Aliane Baquerot Wilson, former NCAA gymnast and Rutgers Gymnastics head coach Umme Salim-Beasley, and more.

The podcast is accessible on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, making it easy for listeners to tune in and gain valuable insights from these champion sports moms.

Bringing gymnastics to urban youth

Aside from her podcast, Wendy Hilliard is also the founder of the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation (WHGF), which began in Harlem in 1996 and expanded to Detroit in 2016.

Since its inception, WHGF has been committed to providing FREE and low-cost gymnastics programs to underserved communities, benefiting over 25,000 urban youth. The foundation’s two locations boast a team of over 25 dedicated instructors and staff members.

Impressively, WHGF’s elite athletes have earned four national championships, participated in two World Championships, and contributed to six USA Gymnastics National Teams.

Earlier this spring, WHGF proudly hosted the three-day Harlem Gymnastics Invitational at the Harlem Armory, attracting more than 500 gymnasts from six states to compete.

Wendy Hilliard’s outstanding contributions to gymnastics and her philanthropic endeavors were recognized with the Dianne Durham Humanitarian Award during the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships. Additionally, she was honored as one of Crain’s New York Business Notable Black Leaders.

Click HERE to learn more and view a sample of the Champion Sports Moms podcast.

“Champion Sports Moms” is available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsPandora, and iHeartRadio.

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