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By The Editorial Board

As Oklahoma moves toward what is arguably one of the most important primary elections in a generation, The Black Wall Street Times Editorial Board has been diligent in researching candidates running for office who will appear on the ballot in Tulsa County on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

We’ve reviewed the social media pages of each of the more than 150 candidates to determine their willingness and determination to tackle issues of racial injustice.

Listed below are candidates who clearly did the following: mentioned current and past racial injustices; brought up the importance of learning from our history, especially that of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre; or committed themselves to championing issues of social change for communities of color.

These candidates are the first recipients of The Black Wall Street Times All Access Pass.  

We believe that access is the new civil right. We believe too that gaining access begins with having information.

While receiving the All Access Pass is not an official endorsement, we want to ensure that voters are aware of the candidates on the June ballot, from both major parties, who have committed themselves to fighting for racial and social justice in Tulsa.

We invite these candidates to display this badge (image at the top of this article) on their social media pages and websites. We also hope that this begins a larger conversation about the importance of fighting to end systems of oppression on all levels of government.

We thank each of these candidates for having the courage to stand for what is right, even when doing so is difficult. Let’s keep fighting to build a new and better Tulsa ? together.

  • Connie Johnson (D – Governor) 
  • Anastasia Pittman (D – Lt. Governor) 
  • Mark Myles (D – Attorney General)
  • Angela Bonilla (R – Attorney General) 
  • Ashley Nicole McCray (D – Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner) 
  • Amanda Douglas (D – U.S. Congress, District 1)
  • Gwendolyn Fields (D – U.S. Congress, District 1) 
  • Angela Graham (D – State House 66) 
  • Monroe Nichols (D – State House 72) 
  • John Waldron (D – State House 77)
  • Shay White (D – State House 77) 
  • Brian Pingleton (D – State House 79)
  • Melissa Provenzano (D – State House 79)
  • Matthew Lee (R – State House 79) 
  • Douglas Collins (D – Tulsa County Commissioner, District 1)
  • Kevin Matthews (D – Tulsa County Commissioner, District 1)

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