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Published 05/03/2018 | Reading Time 4 min 30 sec 

Q & A with Ramal Brown 

Ramal Brown has a lot to be thankful for these days. Career-wise: He’s reached success in the radio world as a disc jockey, is a US veteran (he served in Iraq) and is the current director of The Juice Radio Show. Recently Ramal and his lovely wife Charise celebrated their 13th Anniversary. We, at the Black Wall St Times, think it’s important to celebrate Black Love publicly, so we sat down with Ramal Brown and asked him about his remarkable journey of 13 years with his Queen.    

BWSTimes: You have been married for 13 years, what is the secret to making it past the 10-year benchmark?

Ramal Brown: A lot of patience and prayer. I had to make a decision to make our marriage fun.

BWSTimes: Where did you meet your wife?
Ramal Brown: Three Frogs Club

BWSTimes: Is that place still around?


Ramal Brown: Ha! Nope, it’s a vape shop now.

BWSTimes: How old were you two?

Ramal Brown: She was 23, and I was 22.

BWSTimes: Did both families approve of your marriage?

Ramal Brown: Both parents approved.

BWSTimes: How did you propose to your wife?

Ramal Brown: On the phone.

BWSTimes: WOW! How did she like that?

Ramal Brown: She was cool with it. She was pregnant at the time. I wasn’t sure if I would make it back from Iraq because of all the rocks and mortars that were being shot at me.

BWSTimes: Did you send her emails when you were overseas?

Ramal Brown: No! We wrote letters.

BWSTimes: WOW! How romantic! What has been the best part of the last 13 years?

Ramal Brown: The fact that she keeps it real, which keeps me grounded. No matter how many people say how great the work is that I do, she is the first to tell me otherwise. That has kept me humble and always growing.

BWSTimes: Describe living together for the first time? Did she leave toothpaste in the sink or put the toilet paper in reverse of what you’re used to?

Ramal Brown: Good question. Living with my wife is phenomenal. We stayed in a two bedroom apartment. She knew what she wanted and was so organized, and she still is. I wasn’t as organized, so I picked up a lot of traits from her. I had to put everything back in place. That was very irritating to me for the first five years of marriage. After that, I just got into formation and complied with her standards.

BWSTimes: We know that children are a blessing, but did they make the relationship challenging?

Ramal Brown: The kids were not challenging on our marriage. We both work with kids. At first, we weren’t the greatest parents. Our daughter would cry all night, and we would drive around town hoping she would stop crying. We always came up with solutions together.

BWSTimes: Who manages the finances?

Ramal Brown: It’s still a challenge to this day. She owns a business and makes great money, but I’m the spender.

BWSTimes: Okay! Last question. Would you do the 13 years of marriage and counting with her again?

Ramal Brown: I absolutely would. She made me a better man, and she holds me down like I know that no other woman could. We have been through many hurdles together. She is a visionary and someone who works as hard as I do. That makes all the difference in our marriage, which always leaves room for a hopeful future as we grow older as a married couple.

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