Abuse Hurts at Any Age

When you Google search “elderly” the first suggested search item is “abuse”. When you follow that very search, you get the dictionary definition of what this means but only after about four different ads for attorneys and law offices to see if there’s a case to be made; and for good reason, there’s big money in elder abuse cases. One of the biggest names in senior living in the United States reached a $1 million settlement in February of 2016 for elder abuse and a wrongful death. Another $13 million settlement was made a year prior for the ​same company.

Poverty On Cruise Control

“Do you have a reliable form of transportation?”

Most people recognize that question as one of the first essential questions an employer asks to determine whether to hire someone. Even though the majority of Americans use a vehicle to get to work, for low-income households with no car, relying on public transportation can negatively impact their ability to find and hold a job. Limited bus routes, limited service times, and unforeseen breakdowns or delays can be the difference between making ends meet and being unemployed.

Meet the Duke of Black Wall Street

Dominic “Duke” Durant is a native Tulsan and Booker T. Washington High School graduate. Duke served in the United States Navy on board the USS Bataan LHD 5. He has earned the name “The Duke of Black Wall Street” for his interest in etiquette — coupled with fashion and attire, making him a dandy, nonetheless.

City of Tulsa Awarded $30 Million HUD Grant

The award of the $30 million FY2017 Implementation Grant and significant additional leverage will accelerate and achieve the community’s vision for Eugene Field’s transformation. With these resources, the housing authority, the City, and their development partner, McCormack Baron Salazar Inc. will replace 390 units of distressed public and HUD-assisted housing with 460 units of high quality mixed-income housing. The redevelopment will break up these concentrated super blocks, creating townhomes and garden style apartments with pedestrian friendly streets, greenspaces, and commercial amenities.